Get ready for the future of mobile recharges, Xeload is coming soon! Say goodbye to traditional methods and hello to convenient and accessible top-ups from anywhere in the world

So, how will we work?

Xeload's mission is to make mobile recharges easy and accessible for everyone. Join us in revolutionizing the industry.

Phase 1



Xeload research ignites the fire, we're diving deeper to bring you the hottest mobile recharge experience. Join the revolution now.


Once we will ends up with the research, Xeload development gears up for Phase II, Xeload will add new features, expand services, and optimize user experience to bring you the best mobile recharge platform.

Phase 2


Phase 3



Testing, polishing, and fine-tuning for the ultimate mobile recharge experience. Stay tuned for the launch!

Beta Release

Limited access to our innovative mobile recharge platform, be one of the first to experience the future of mobile recharges.

Phase 4


We will be done!

Xeload launch day has arrived, join us in revolutionizing mobile recharges. Seamless, convenient and accessible, experience the future of mobile top-ups now.

Be a part of Xeload

Join us in our mission to revolutionize mobile recharges and be a part of something truly innovative with Xeload by Abbaz Ltd

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Xeload is the future of mobile recharges, a convenient and accessible platform to top-up your phone from anywhere in the world. Join us to revolutionize the way you recharge your mobile.

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    Xeload by Abbaz Ltd is coming soon! Get ready to revolutionize the way you recharge your mobile phone internationally.